Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Use the + sign next to PERSONAL.XLS to expand the tree view. Click the +
sign next to Modules to see a list of modules. If you just recorded your fi rst
macro, you see only Module1. If you record more macros, Excel adds new
modules such as Module2, Module3, and so on (Figure 100).
Figure 100. You double-click a module name to see the code
in that module.
To see the code in any module, double-click the module in Project Explorer.
Alternatively, right-click the module and choose View Code.
If you want to run a macro from this topic, you can type or paste it in any existing
module in PERSONAL.XLS. Note that after you change code in PERSONAL.
XLS and then you close Excel, you are prompted about whether you want to
save your changes to PERSONAL.XLS. Don’t forget to save at this point!
For Excel 2007
In Excel 2007, follow these steps:
Open any workbook in Excel 2007.
Look near the lower-left corner of the Excel window. To the right of the word
Ready in the status bar is the Record Macro icon. Click it (Figure 101).
Excel displays the Record Macro dialog.
Figure 101. h e Record Macro icon is one
of the few icons outside the ribbon.
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