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In the Record Macro dialog, enter a macro name, such as HelloWorld
(no spaces). Leave the Shortcut Key fi eld blank. Change the Store Macro In
dropdown to Personal Macro Workbook. Leave the Description fi eld blank.
Click OK (Figure 102).
Figure 102. Choose to create this macro in the
Personal Macro Workbook.
Perform one action that the macro recorder can record. Perhaps you can
press Ctrl+B to bold the current cell or type Hello in the current cell.
Stop the macro recorder by pressing the square icon in the lower-left corner
of the window, near the word Ready in the status bar (Figure 103). This icon
and the Record Macro icon share the same location; the Stop Recording
icon replaces the Record Macro icon while you are recording.
Figure 103. Look for the Stop Recording but on in the
same place you found the Record Macro icon.
Note: You can also record a macro by selecting View, Macros, Record Macro
or Developer, Record New Macro. The Stop Recording button is found in
these same locations while you are recording a macro.
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