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Challenge: You would like to display 48 months of data across your monitor.
When you zoom down to 40%, you can see all the columns, but you cannot
make out any numbers on the screen.
Solution: You can use a cool utility written by Ivan F. Moala and Jaafar Tribak
and posted at the MrExcel message board. Jaafar started out with a modal user
form that would display a magnifi cation of the screen underneath the cursor.
Ivan jumped in with improvements to allow the user form to be modeless and
to update as you scroll around the worksheet.
The code is shown at the message board and in both Ivan’s and Jaafar’s
versions of the program. They make use of a Windows API to return a stretched
version of the screen underneath the cursor.
As you can see in Figure 154, as you move around the screen, an enlarged
version of the area around the cell pointer is shown in the form.
Figure 154. As you move the mouse around the screen, the user form
shows a magnii ed picture of the area under the cursor.
If you move the cursor close to the magnifi er, a magnifi ed version of the magnifi er
appears in the form. In Figure 155, the magnifi er appears three times.
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