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Note that in the second fi gure the episodes are sorted by how early in the
description the pivot table is mentioned. If I wanted them to be sorted in episode
sequence, I could have used =NOT(ISERROR(FIND("pivot",LOWER(D2)))).
Also note that instead of hard-coding "pivot" in the function, I refer to cell $G$1
instead. This way, I can enter subtotal in G1 and re-sort by column E to fi nd
items that contain the word subtotal.
Note that people frequently ask me why I go to all this trouble when I could use
a custom AutoFilter of *pivot* as shown here. Well…I guess it is because old
habits are hard to break. Based on the fi rst paragraph, I really should be using
SEARCH instead of FIND.
FINDB(fi nd_text,within_text,start_num) [Category: Text]
FINDB fi nds one text string (fi nd_text) within another text string (within_text), and
returns the number of the starting position of fi nd_text, based on the number of
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