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Note that if you create a line chart from A1:B23, you can right-click the line,
choose Add Trendline. In the Options tab of the dialog, ask for Excel to add the
equation to the chart. This will describe the slope and y-intercept.
FREQUENCY(data_array,bins_array) [Category: Statistical]]
Calculates how often values occur within a range of values, and then returns a
vertical array of numbers. For example, use FREQUENCY to count the number
of test scores that fall within ranges of scores. Because FREQUENCY returns
an array, it must be entered as an array formula. Guru Tip: This is a tough
function to set up. In my example, I have 1000 test results in A2:A1001. In D2:
D11, I enter a series of bin values. To see scores less than 10, I enter 10 in D2.
To see scores between 10 and 20, I enter 20 in D3, and so on down to 100 in
D11. Then, to compute the frequency distribution, select E2:E12 (one more row
than you have in the bins range). Type =FREQUENCY($A$2:$A$1001,$D$2:$
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