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OFFSET(reference,rows,cols,height,width) [Category: Lookup &
Returns a reference to a range that is a specifi ed number of rows and columns
from a cell or range of cells. The reference that is returned can be a single cell or
a range of cells. You can specify the number of rows and the number of columns
to be returned. Guru Tip: OFFSET is a powerful function for returning a dynamic
range. In the example below, OFFSET starts at cell B12. It goes down 5 rows
and right 4 columns to get to the starting point of the range. The range is then 5
rows tall and 2 columns wide. Because OFFSET is returning multiple values in
this case, you will often use OFFSET as an argument in another function. In this
example, the result of the OFFSET is calculated with the SUM function. In other
cases, OFFSET might be used to describe a dynamic range for a VLOOKUP
lookup range.
OR(logical1,logical2,...) [Category: Logical]
Returns TRUE if any argument is TRUE; returns FALSE if all arguments are
FALSE. Guru Tip: Use the OR function in place of a logical_test as the fi rst
argument of the IF function.
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