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can’t specify that lower scores are better, although you could subtract the result
from 100% to reverse the sequence. If signifi cance is omitted, a value of 3 is
used, meaning that the result will contain 3 signifi cant digts. A result of 0.123 will
appear at 12.3% when properly formatted as a percentage.
PERMUT(number,number_chosen) [Category: Statistical]]
Returns the number of permutations for a given number of objects that can be
selected from number objects. A permutation is any set or subset of objects
or events where internal order is signifi cant. Permutations are different from
combinations, for which the internal order is not signifi cant. Guru Tip: Use
COMBIN for lottery probabilities where the order of the numbers drawn does
not matter. Use PERMUT when the order of the results matter. To fi nd out how
many possible ways that 8 greyhounds can fi nish in fi rst-second-third, use
PHONETIC(reference) [Category: Text]
Extracts the phonetic (furigana) characters from a text string.
PI( ) [Category: Math]
Returns the number 3.14159265358979, the mathematical constant pi, accurate
to 15 digits. Guru Tip: Useful for fi guring out which pizza deal is best for the
offi ce staff meeting. The area of a circle is PI()*Radius^2. A 16" pie has a radius
of 8" and contains 201 square inches of piizza. A 12" pie has a radius of 6" and
contains 113 square inches of pizza. To compare these round pizzas to square
pizzas, see SQRTPI.
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