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TINV(probability,degrees_freedom) [Category: Statistical]]
Returns the t-value of the Student’s t-distribution as a function of the probability
and the degrees of freedom.
TODAY( ) [Category: Date & Time]
Returns the serial number of the current date. The serial number is the date-
time code used by Microsoft Excel for date and time calculations. Guru Tip: This
is often better than the more popular =NOW() function, particularly if you are
calculating the number of days between today and another date. With =NOW(),
your date difference calculation will refl ect decimal portions of a day as the
workday elapses. With =TODAY(), the number of days will remain constant until
TRANSPOSE(array) [Category: Lookup & Reference]
Returns a vertical range of cells as a horizontal range, or vice versa. TRANSPOSE
must be entered as an array formula in a range that has the same number of rows
and columns, respectively, as array has columns and rows. Use TRANSPOSE
to shift the vertical and horizontal orientation of an array on a worksheet. For
example, some functions, such as LINEST, return horizontal arrays. LINEST
returns a horizontal array of the slope and Y-intercept for a line. Guru Tip: In the
image below, select blank cells A3:A7. Type =TRANSPOSE(A1:E1) and press
Ctrl+Shift+Enter. To turn the vertical array back to horizontal, select fi ve blank
cells A12:E12. Type =TRANSPOSE(A3:A7) and press Ctrl+Shift+Enter. Note
that you do not type the curly braces shown in the formula. Excel adds those
when you press Ctrl+Shift+Enter to signify that this is an array formula.
TREND(known_y’s,known_x’s,new_x’s,const) [Category: Statistical]]
Returns values along a linear trend. Fits a straight line (using the method of
least squares) to the arrays known_y’s and known_x’s. Returns the y-values
along that line for the array of new_x’s that you specify. Guru Tip: I usually use
LINEST and then enter a range of formulas multiplying the slope and adding the
constant. Instead, you could use TREND.
TRIM(text) [Category: Text]
Removes all spaces from text except for single spaces between words. Use
TRIM on text that you have received from another application that may have
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