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YEARFRAC(start_date,end_date,basis) [Category: Date & Time]*
Calculates the fraction of the year represented by the number of whole days
between two dates (the start_date and the end_date). Use the YEARFRAC
worksheet function to identify the proportion of a whole year’s benefi ts or
obligations to assign to a specifi c term.
YEN(number,decimals) [Category: Text]
Converts a number to text, using the ¥ (yen) currency format, with the number
rounded to a specifi ed place.
[Category: Financial]*
Returns the yield on a security that pays periodic interest. Use YIELD to calculate
bond yield.
YIELDDISC(settlement,maturity,pr,redemption,basis) [Category:
Returns the annual yield for a discounted security.
YIELDMAT(settlement,maturity,issue,rate,pr,basis) [Category: Financial]*
Returns the annual yield of a security that pays interest at maturity.
ZTEST(array,x,sigma) [Category: Statistical]]
Returns the two-tailed P-value of a z-test. The z-test generates a standard score
for x with respect to the data set, array, and returns the two-tailed probability for
the normal distribution. You can use this function to assess the likelihood that a
particular observation is drawn from a particular population.
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