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Figure 71. h is menu of ers faster ways
for Paste Values, Format Painter, and
more. How do you i nd the menu?
Copy Here as Values Only: Using Copy Here as Values Only is an
incredibly fast way to convert a range of formulas to values. A good method
is to select a range of formulas, right-click, drag right, drag back to the
original location, let go of the right mouse button, and choose Copy Here
as Values Only.
Copy Here As Formats Only: You can copy numeric formatting, borders,
and more by using Copy Here As Formats Only. For example, you can
copy column widths by selecting a range of entire columns, such as A:C.
Then you right-click and drag the border to E:G. When you let go of the
mouse button, if you choose Copy Here As Formats Only, Excel changes
the column widths of E:G to match those of A:C.
Link Here: For a faster way to set up formulas to point to a range, you can
select A1:A10, right-click and drag the border to C5, and select Link Here.
Cell C5 now contains the formula =A1 , and cell C14 contains the formula
=A10 .
Create Hyperlink Here: This is a cool option but is rather diffi cult to use,
and it does not work in an unsaved fi le. For details on how to use it, see
“Quickly Create a Hyperlink Menu.”
Gotcha: When you click on the border of a selection, do not click on the square
dot in the lower-right corner of the cell. This dot is the fi ll handle, and clicking it
invokes the AutoFill options instead of this menu.
Summary: By right-clicking and dragging the border of a selection, you can
get quick access to several options.
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