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Challenge: You are building a reporting package for people who are not familiar
with Excel, and you want to add a menu worksheet to help them navigate through
the workbook (see Figure 72). Usually, creating hyperlinks to another place in a
document is kind of a pain, and you’d like to create a menu more quickly.
Figure 72. You want to repeat the titles and headings at the top of each printed page.
Solution: Make sure your workbook is saved and is the only workbook open
in Excel.
In Excel 2007, select View, New Window. In Excel 2003 and earlier, select
Window, New Window. This will open two views of the same workbook.
In Excel 2007, select View, Arrange All. Then choose Vertical and click OK. In
Excel 2003, select Window, New Window, Vertical, OK. This allows you to see
one worksheet in the left window and another sheet of the same workbook in
the right window.
In the left window, navigate so you can see the menu worksheet. In the right
window, press Ctrl+Page Down to move to the fi rst page of the report.
The goal is to take an identifying title from each worksheet of the workbook and
build a hyperlink to that worksheet on the menu sheet. In Figure 73, select the
A1 title from the right window. Right-click the border of A1, drag to cell B4 in the
menu worksheet, and select Create Hyperlink Here.
Figure 73. h is context menu
provides a quick way to create a
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