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In this example, Excel creates fi ve named ranges. The Sales range includes
B3:B14. You can now use =SUM(Sales) as a valid formula (Figure 76).
Figure 76. You can create i ve named ranges using a single command.
Gotcha: If your headings contain a space or other punctuation that is not valid
in a named range, Excel substitutes an underscore for each invalid character.
If your heading happens to contain a name that is also a valid cell address,
Excel appends an underscore to the end of the name. Figure 77 shows several
examples in which dashes, spaces, at symbols, and colons are all replaced
with underscores when the names are created. Note that the heading I42 in
cell G1 generates the range name I42_ to differentiate it from the cell address
Figure 77. Created range names dif er from the headings if the headings
contained invalid characters.
Additional Details: The following characters are valid in a range name:
Letters A through Z and a through z
Digits 0 through 9
Period, question mark, backslash, underscore
Euro symbol (character 128)
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