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Script f (character 131)
Letters in other alphabets (such as characters 192–214, 216–246, and
Additional Details: Formulas that existed before the named ranges were
created do not automatically update to use the new named ranges. To
retroactively apply a name to formulas, you can use Insert, Name Apply in
Excel 2003. In Excel 2007, the Apply command is hidden behind a dropdown
at the end of the Defi ne Name command.
Summary: Rather than defi ne range names individually, you can use existing
headings to create many names at once.
Challenge: For Excel fans, the biggest disappointment with Excel 2007 SmartArt
diagrams is that their text is static. You cannot have the text for a SmartArt
diagram dynamically calculated by Excel.
Solution: As a workaround, you can use the SmartArt tools to build a diagram
and then convert the diagram to shapes. You can then apply formulas to the
In Figure 78, a database query feeds individual sales fi gures in columns A:
C. SUMIF formulas in G4:G6 show the current sales for each rep. RANK
formulas in E4:E6 fi gure out which rep is in the lead. VLOOKUP formulas in F8:
H10 combine an associate’s name and sales total. This report is functional, but
it lacks visual interest.
Figure 78. Formulas create a functional but uninteresting report.
Follow these steps:
Build a SmartArt diagram that has three shapes. Use dummy text of about
the right length. Use the SmartArt tools to format the diagram. In Figure 79,
the Format ribbon was used to resize the individual shapes.
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