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Exhibit 3.34 Correlation matrix for new and old page views
see. One way to test this question is to examine the correlation of the 2 series. Just
as we did for the product sales data, we can perform this analysis on the new and
old web-page views. Exhibit 3.34 shows a correlation matrix for the analysis. The
result is a relatively low positive correlation (0.183335), indicating a slightly linear
movement of the series in the same direction. So, although there is an increase in
page views, the increase is quite different for different individuals: some are greatly
affected by the new site, others are not.
3.6.1 Findings
We have completed a thorough preliminary analysis of the cross-sectional data and
we have done so using the Data Analysis tools in the Analysis group. So what have
we learned? The answer is similar to the analysis of the time series data—a great
deal. Some of the major findings are presented below:
1. It appears that the change in the website has had an effect on the number of web
pages the teens will view when they visit the site. The average increase for the
sample is 4.29.
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