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Exhibit 4.3 Search of database with the form tool
Together these tools can make the process of data entry less tedious and far more
accurate. Additionally, they permit maintenance and repair capability by allowing
search of the database for records that you have entered. This is important for two
reasons. First, databases acquire an enduring nature because of their high costs and
the extensive effort required to create them; they tend to become sacrosanct. Any
tools that can be made available for maintaining them are, therefore, welcomed.
Secondly, because data entry is simply not a pleasant task, tools that lessen the
burden are also welcomed.
4.3.2 Data Transposition to Fit Excel
Occasionally, there is the need to manipulate data to make it useful. Let’s consider
a few not uncommon examples where manipulation is necessary:
1. We have data located in a worksheet, but the rows and columns are interchanged.
Thus, rather than each row representing a record, each column represents a
2. We have a field in a set of records that is not in the form needed. Consider a
situation where ages for individuals are found in a database, but what is needed
is an alphabetic or numeric character that indicates membership in a category.
For example, an individual of 45 years of age should belong to the category
40–50 years which is designated by the letter “D”.
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