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Exhibit 4.17 Selection of sales 01/01/05 to 01/14/05
create a query. We select the is after or equal to option from the pull-down menu
available for Date options, and then enter the date of interest (1/01/05) to establish
one end of our range. The process is repeated for the other end of the range (1/14/05)
with is before or equal to , and the And button is also selected to meet both logical
conditions. The results are shown in Exhibit 4.18.
Suppose we want to query our database to determine the sales for Audi or Toyota.
Exhibit 4.19 demonstrates how we search the Make field for either Audi or Toyota.
A total of 12 records, shown in Exhibit 4.20, are returned. Although a query for
two makes of autos is quite valuable, a query for a third auto is not possible, thus
Filter has limitations. But it is possible to select another field and apply an additional
query condition. For example, the dates previously queried could be simultaneously
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