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Exhibit 4.24 Advanced filter for complex range of dates
such as MS Access, but only for certain circumstances. The questions that you must
answer when considering Excel as a database are:
1. When does the database become so large that it becomes cumbersome to use
Excel? Databases have a tendency to grow ever larger. At what point do I make
the transition from Excel to a relational database.
2. Are there special features like report writing, relational tables, and complex
queries that can best be handled by Access or some other relational database
(Sequel Server)?
3. Would I be better off by using a relational database and exporting data occasion-
ally to an Excel workbook for analysis and presentation?
Now, let us query the data in Table 4.1 using the Filter and Advanced Filter
tools in the example below. The data is familiar and will provide some economy of
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