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Exhibit 4.28 Example for question 4
The resulting five items shown in Exhibit 4.30 include records 2, 1, 6, 31, and
34. This is an example of the valuable utility that is provided by the Advanced Filter
function of Excel. Carefully constructed advanced queries can be somewhat difficult
to create, but the power of this tool is undeniable. I suggest that you carefully con-
sider the and and or conditions implied by the row and column entries by attempting
the same analysis. This should help you understand the logic necessary to conduct
complex queries.
4.6 Summary
This chapter provides the Excel user with a comprehensive set of tools for the pre-
sentation and preparation of qualitative data: data entry and manipulation tools,
data querying, filtering, and sorting tools. As important as data presentation is, it
is equally important to efficiently enter and manipulate data as we begin to build
the database that we will use in our analysis. We often encounter data that has been
created and organized in formats other than Excel worksheets. The formidable task
of data importation can be easily managed by understanding the format from which
data is to converted—tables, tab delimited data, and data with no delimiter. We also
examined the use of the Fo rm and Validation tools to insure the accuracy of data
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