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Exhibit 5.7 PivotTable field entry
allow you to change the data views by limiting the categories within dimensions,
and to do so without reengaging the wizard. For example, currently all Region
categories (East, West, etc.) are included in the table shown in Exhibit 5.12, but
you can use the pull-down menu to limit the regions to East only. Exhibit 5.13
shows the results and the valuable nature of this built-in capability. Note that the
number of respondents for the PivotTable for the East region results in only 9
respondents, whereas, the number of respondents for all regions is 29 as seen in
Exhibit 5.12. Combining this capability with the changes we can perform for the
Values field, we can literally view the data in our table from a nearly unlimited
number of perspectives.
7. Exhibit 5.14 demonstrates the change proposed in (4) above. We have changed
the Value Field Settings from count to percent of total, just one of the dozens of
views that is available. The choice of views will depend on your goals for the
data presentation.
8. We can also extend the chart quite easily to include Region in the Row field.
This is accomplished by pointing to any cell in the table which displays the field
list, and dragging and dropping the Region buttonintothe Row Labels. This
converts the table to resemble Table 5.4. This action provides subtotals for the
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