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Exhibit 5.11 Case count summary selection as % of total count
of constructing a PivotChart leads to the simultaneous construction of a PivotTable .
The obvious difference is in step 1: rather than select the PivotTable , select the
PivotChart option. The process of creating a PivotChart can be difficult; we will not
invest a great deal of effort on the details. It may be wise to always begin by creating
a PivotTable . Creating a PivotChart then follows more easily. By simply selecting
the PivotTable , a tab will appear above the row of ribbons – PivotTable Tools. In
this ribbon you will find a tools group that permits conversion of a PivotTable to a
PivotChart . See Exhibit 5.17.
The table we constructed in Exhibit 5.9 is presented in Exhibit 5.18, but as a
chart. Note that a PivotChart Filter Pane is available in the Analyze Ribbon when
the chart is selected. Just as before, it is possible to filter the data that is viewed by
manipulating the Filter Pane . Exhibit 5.19 shows the result of changing the Page
field from all regions to only the South . From the chart, it is apparent that there
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