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Exhibit 5.14 Region limited to east- resulting table
are seven respondents that are contained in the south region, and of the seven,
three females responded that Product 1 was bad . Additionally, the chart can be
extended to include multiple fields, as shown by the addition of Region to the Row
field, along with Gender . See Exhibit 5.20. This is equivalent to the PivotTable in
Exhibit 5.15.
As with any Excel chart, the user can specify the type of chart and other options
for presentation. In Exhibit 5.21 we show the data table associated with the chart;
thus, the viewer has access to the chart and a table, simultaneously. Charts are pow-
erful visual aids for presenting analysis, and are often more appealing and accessible
than tables of numbers. The choice of a table versus a chart is a matter of preference.
In Exhibit 5.21 we provide data presentation for all preferences—a chart and table
of values.
5.4 TiendaMí Example—Question 1
Now back to the questions that the owners of TiendaMí asked earlier. But
before we begin with the cross-tabulation analysis, a warning is in order. As with
previous examples, this example has a relatively small number of respondents (29).
It is dangerous to infer that the result of a small sample is indicative of the entire
population of TiendaMí customers. We will say more about sample size in
the next chapter, but needless to say, larger samples provide greater comfort in
the generalization of results. For now, we can assume that this study is intended
as a preliminary analysis, leading to more rigorous study later. Thus, we will also
assume that our sample is large enough to be meaningful. And now, we consider the
first question—Is there a webpage design that dominates others in terms of positive
customer response?
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