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Exhibit 5.18 Pivot Chart equivalent of Pivot Table
This would provide information of the relative position (ordinal data) of the web-
pages, but it would not determine if they were acceptable or unacceptable, as is
the case with good and bad categories. An approach that brings both types of data
together could create a scale with one extreme representing a highly favorable
webpage, the center value a neutral position, and the other extreme as highly
unfavorable . Thus, we can determine if a design is acceptable, and we can also
determine the relative position of one design versus the others. For now, we can
see that relative to Products 1, 2, and 3, Product 4 is by far the least acceptable
5.5 TiendaMí Example—Question 2
Question 2 asks how the demographic and financial data of the respondents relates
to preferences. This is precisely the type of question that can easily be handled
by using cross-tabulation analysis. Our demographic characteristics are represented
by Gender , Age , Income , and Region . Gender and Region have two and four vari-
able levels (categories), respectively, which are a manageable number of values. But
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