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Exhibit 5.21 Data table options for PivotCharts
categories in many industries and they can be found by reading research studies
or the popular press associated with a business sector—e.g. the Census Bureau
often uses the following age categories for income studies—below 15, 15–24,
25–34, 35–44, etc. Other sources producing studies in specific areas of industry
or business, such as industry trade associations, can be invaluable as sources of
demographic/financial category standards.
Now back to the question related to the respondent’s demographic characteristics
and how those characteristics relate to preferences. TiendaMí is interested in
targeting particular customers with particular products, and doing so with a particu-
lar web design. Great product offerings are not always enough to entice customers to
buy. TiendaMí understands that a great web design can influence customers
to buy more items and more expensive products. This is why they are concerned
with the attitudes of respondents toward the set of four webpage designs. So let us
examine which respondents prefer which webpages.
Assume that our management team at TiendaMí believes that Income and
Age are the characteristics of greatest importance; Gender plays a small part in pref-
erences and Region plays an even lesser role. We construct a set of four PivotTables
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