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Table 5.7
Detailed view of respondent favorable ratings
Respondent category
P-2 (87.5%)
P-1 (75.0%)
P-1 (66.7%)
P-3 (62.5%)
P-1 (55.6%)
P-1&3 (50%)
P-2 (44.4%)
P-2 (33.3%)
P-2&3 (33.3%)
P-3 (33.3%)
P-4 (22.2%)
P-4 (16.7%)
P-4 (16.7%)
P-4 (0.125%)
There is no clear consensus for a webpage design that is acceptable to all cate-
gories, but clearly Product 4 is a disaster. If TiendaMí decides to use a single
webpage design, which one would be the most practical design to use? This is not
a simple question to answer given the analysis above. TiendaMí may decide
that the question requires further in-depth study. Why? Here are several important
reasons why further study may be necessary:
if the conclusions from the data analysis are inconclusive
if the size of the sample is deemed to be too small, then the preferences reflected
may not merit a generalization of results to the population of all possible website
if the study reveals new questions of interest or guides us in new directions that
might lead us to eventual answers for these new questions.
Let us consider number (3) above. We will perform a slightly different analysis
by asking the following new question—is there a single measure that permits an
overall ranking of products? The answer is yes. We can summarize the preferences
shown in Exhibit 5.23 in terms of a new measure— favorable rating .
Table 5.7 organizes the respondent categories and their favorable rating —the
ratio 6 of good responses relative to the total of all responses. From Exhibit 5.23 you
see that respondents in category 1
1 have an 87.5% (7 of 8 rated the product good )
favorable rating for Product 2 . This is written as P-2 (87.5%). Similarly, category
1 has a favorable rating for P-2 and P-3 of 33.3% (2of 6). To facilitate comparison,
the favorable ratings are arranged on the vertical axis of the table, with highest
near the top of the table and lowest near the bottom, with a corresponding scale
from acceptable to neutral to unacceptable. (Note this is simply a table and not a
PivotTable. )
6 [number good ]
[number good + number bad ].
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