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Table 6.6 Test of the difference in standard trained TX and SC prisoner scores
In other words, if we have an improvement in mean scores, but some individual
scores improve and some decline, the perception of consistent improvement is far
less compelling.
6.5.7 Does the EB Training Program Improve Prisoner Scores?
Let us now perform the analysis and review the results. Table 6.7 shows the results of
the analysis. First, note the Pearson Correlation for the two samples is 99.62% (cell
B7). This is a very strong positive correlation in the two data series, verifying the
observation that the two scores move together in a very strong fashion—relative to
the standard training score, the prisoner scores move in the same direction (positive)
after special training. The t-statistic is –15.28688136 (cell B10), which is a very
large negative value, and is much more negative 4
than the critical two-tail t-value
4 –15.28688136 is a negative t-statistic because of the entry order of our data in the dialog box. If
we reverse ranges for variable entry, the result is +15.28688136.
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