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6.6.2 Do the Mean Monthly Losses of Reefers Suggest That
the Means are Different for the Three Ports?
Now we consider the application of ANOVA to our problem. Exhibit 6.6 shows the
dialog box for initiating the single factor ANOVA. In Exhibit 6.7 we see the dialog
box entries that permit us to perform the analysis. As before, we must identify the
data range of interest; in this case, the three treatments of the Port factor (C2:E25),
including labels. The
selected for comparison to the p-value is 0.05. Also, unlike
the t-Test, where we calculate a t-statistic for rejection or acceptance of the null, in
ANOVA we calculate an F-Statistic and compare it to a critical F-value . Thus, the
statistic is different, but the general procedure is similar.
Exhibit 6.6 ANOVA: Single factor tool
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