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Exhibit 6.7 ANOVA: Single factor dialog box
Table 6.11 shows the result of the analysis. Note that the F-statistic, 8.63465822
(cell L15) is larger than the critical F-value, 3.13591793 (cell N15), so we can reject
the null that all means come from the same population of expected reefer losses.
Also, as before, if the p-value, 0.0004666 (cell M15) is less than our designated
(0.05), which is the case, we reject the null hypothesis. Thus, we have rejected the
notion that the average monthly losses at the various ports are similar. At least one
of the averages seems to come from a different distribution of monthly losses and is
not similar to the averages of the other ports. We are not surprised to see this result
given the much lower average at the Port of Singapore about 10.5 versus 18.8 and
18.1 for the Port of NY/NJ and Amsterdam, respectively.
6.7 Experimental Design
There are many possible methods by which we conduct a data collection effort.
Researchers are interested in carefully controlling and designing experimental
studies, not only the analysis of data, but also its collection. The term used for
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