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Exhibit 7.7 Spreadsheet model for Vegas night at OPLS
Note that besides the nominal values that Fr. Efia has agreed upon, on the right there
is a Range of values that provide an opportunity to examine how the model revenue
varies with changes in nominal values. These ranges come from Voitech’s discus-
sion with Fr. Efia regarding his interest in the model’s sensitivity to change. The
values currently available for calculations are in column C and they are referenced
in the Model Results/Calculations section. The values in cells marked Range are text
entries that are not meant as direct input data. They appear in G1:G13. As changes
are made to the nominal values, they will appear in column C. Later I will describe
how the scroll bars, in column E, are used to control the level of the parameter input
without having to key-in new values, much like you would use the volume control
scroll bars to set the volume of your radio or stereo.
The bottom section of the spreadsheet is used for calculations. The Model
Results/Calculations area is straight forward. A weather condition (one of three)
is selected by depressing the corresponding Option Button the circular button next
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