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Exhibit 7.11 One-variable and two-variable data table
either a vertical or horizontal orientation. I have selected a vertical orientation that
requires the Bet Value be placed in the column (M) immediately to the left of the
formula column (N); for a horizontal orientation, the Bet Value wouldbeintherow
above the formula values. These are conventions that must be followed. The empty
cells, N2:N12, will contain repetitive calculations of Profit . If a two variable table
is required, the variables are placed in the column to the left and the row above the
calculated values. Also, the variables used in the formula must have a cell location
in the worksheet that the formula references. In other words, the variable cannot be
entered directly into the formula as a number, but must reference a cell location; for
example, the cell references that are in the Brain worksheet.
Once the external structure of a table is constructed (the variable values and the
formula cell) we select the table range: M2:N12. See Exhibit 7.13. This step simply
identifies the range that will contain the formula calculations and the value of the
variable to use. Next, you will find in the Data ribbon the Data Table tool in the
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