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Exhibit 7.16 Use of forms tools for control
making it very attractive to use across programming platforms. Excel has provided
a shortcut that permits some of the important uses of macros, without the need to
learn VBA. Some of these shortcuts are found in the Forms Control. In Excel 2003
the Forms Control menu was found by engaging the pull-down menu View and
selecting Toolbars. In Excel 2007 Forms Control is not available in the standard rib-
bons but can be placed into the Quick Access Toolbar. At the bottom of the Excel
button there is an options Excel Options button. Upon entering the options you can
select Customize to add tools to the Quick Access Toolbar. One of the options is
Commands Not in the Ribbon . This is where Spin Button (Form Control) and Scroll
Bar (Form Control) can be found and added to the Quick Access Toolbar. The arrow
in Exhibit 7.16 shows four icons: (1) List Box where an item can be selected from a
list, (2) the Scroll Bar which looks like a divided rectangle containing two opposing
arrow heads, (3) Spin Button which looks quite similar to the Scroll Bar, (4) the
Option Button which looks like a circle containing a large black dot, and (5) Group
Box for grouping buttons.
7.5.4 Option Buttons
Let us begin with the Option Button. Our first task is to consider how many
buttons we want to use. The number of buttons will depend on the number of
options you will make available in a spreadsheet model. For weather in the OLPS
model, we have 3 options to consider and each option triggers several calculations.
Additionally, for the sake of clarity, a single option will be made visible at a time.
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