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Exhibit 7.17 Assigning a cell link to grouped buttons
scenario. This makes sense, since only one weather condition will prevail for a
particular day of Vegas Night atOLPS . Of course, these choices are often a matter
of taste and of the specific application.
7.5.5 Scroll Bars
In the Brain, we also have installed 8 Scroll Bars. See Exhibit 7.18. They control the
level of the variable in the column C. For example, the Scroll Bar in cell E5 controls
C5 (1500), the attendance on a rainy day. These bars can be operated by clicking
the left and right arrows, or by grabbing and moving the center bar. Scroll Bars can
be designed to make incremental changes of a specific amount. For example, we
can design an arrow click to result in an increase (or decrease) of five units, and
the range of the bars can also be set to a specific maximum and minimum. Like the
Option Button, a Cell Link needs to be provided to identify where cell values will
be changed. Although Scroll Bars provide great flexibility and function, changes are
restricted to be integer valued, for example, 1, 2, 3, etc. This will require additional
minor effort if we are interested in producing a cell change that employs fractional
values, for example percentages.
Consider the Scroll Bar located on E5 in Exhibit 7.19. This bar, as indicated
in the formula bar above, controls C5. By right clicking the bar and selecting the
Format Control tab, one can see the various important controls available for the
bar: Minimum value (1000), Maximum value (2000), Incremental change (50-the
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