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Exhibit 7.18 Button counter logic and calculations
change due to clicking the arrows), and Page change (10-the change due to clicking
between the bar and arrow). Additionally, the Cell Link must also be provided, and
in this case it is C5. Once the link is entered, a right click of the button will show
the Cell Link in the formula bar, $C$5 in this case.
Now, consider how we might use a Scroll Bar to control fractional values in
Exhibit 7.20. As mentioned above, since only integer values are permitted in Scroll
Bar control, we will designate the Cell Link as cell E29. You can see the cell formula
for C9 is E29/100. Dividing E29 by 100 will produce a fractional value, which we
can use as a percentage. Thus, we can suggest the range of the Scroll Bar in G9 to
range between 10 and 50, and this will result in a percentage in cell C9 from 10% to
50% for the Player Odds for OTSD. 7 You can also see that the other fractional odds
7 E29/100
0.40 or 40%
currently the value of the OTSD Player Odds.
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