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Exhibit 7.19 Assigning a cell link to a scroll bar
are linked to Scroll Bars in cells E30 and E31. This inability to directly assign frac-
tional values to a Scroll Bar is a minor inconvenience that can be easily managed.
7.6 Summary
This chapter has provided a foundation for modeling complex business problems.
Although modeling contains an element of art, a substantial part of it is science. We
have concentrated on the important steps for constructing sound and informative
models to meet a modeler’s goals for analysis. It is important that however simple
a problem might appear, a rigorous set of development steps must be followed to
insure a successful model outcome. Just as problem definition is the most impor-
tant step in problem solving, model conceptualization is the most important step in
modeling. In fact, I suggest that problem definition and model conceptualization are
essentially the same.
In early sections of this chapter we discussed the concept of models and their
uses. We learned the importance of classifying models in order to develop appro-
priate strategies for their construction, and we explored tools (Flow and Influence
Diagrams) that aid in arriving at a preliminary concept for design.
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