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b. What will the guaranteed return for the bank deposit have to be to change
your decision in favor of the bank deposit?
c. Create a spreadsheet that permits you to perform the following sensitivity
analysis: What must the value of the largest return (currently 7%) for the
bond fund be for the expected value of the bond fund to be equal to the
expected value of the growth fund?
9. For Fr. Efia’s OLPS problem perform the following changes:
a. Introduce a 4th weather condition, Absolutely Miserable , where the number
of alumni attending is a point estimate of only 750.
b. Perform all the financial calculations in a separate area below the others.
c. Add the scroll bar (range of 500–900) and the option button associated
with the new weather condition, such that the look of the spreadsheet is
d. What will the entry fee for the new weather condition have to be in order for
the profit to equal that in Exhibit 7.7?
e. Find a different combination of Player odds that leads to the same Profit
($125,000) in Exhibit 7.10.
f. Create a two-variable Data Table for cloudy weather, where the variables are
Bet Value ($10 to $100 in $10 increments) and OTSD player odds (10–80%
in 10% increments).
10. Create a set of 4 buttons that when a specific button is depressed (X) it provides
the following message in a cell: Button X is Selected (X can take on values 1–4).
Also, add conditional formatting for the cell that changes the color of the cell
for each button that is depressed.
11. Create a calculator that asks a person their current weight and permits them to
chose, by way of a scroll bar, only one of 5 percentage reductions 5, 10, 15, 20,
and 25%. The calculator should take the value of the percentage reduction and
calculate their desired weight.
12. For the same calculator in 11, create a one-variable Data Table that permits the
calculation of the desired weight for weight reduction from 1 to 25% in 1%
13. Advanced Problem —Income statements are excellent mechanisms for mod-
eling the financial feasibility of projects. Modelers often choose a level of
revenue, a percent of the revenue as COGS (Cost of Goods Sold), and a percent
of revenue as variable costs.
a. Create a deterministic model of a simple income statement for the data
elements shown below (d-i)–(d-iv). The model should permit selection of
various data elements through the use of option buttons and scroll bars, as
b. Produce a risk profile of the numerous combinations of data elements
assuming that all data element combinations are of equal probability. (Recall
the vertical axis of a risk profile is the probability of occurrence of the
outcomes on the horizontal axis, and in this case, all probabilities are equal).
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