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and stores 100 such results in worksheet. A macro is a computer program written
in a simple language ( VBA ) that performs specific Excel programming tasks for the
user, and it is beyond Julia’s capabilities. Ram has skill in creating macros and has
volunteered to help her.
Exhibit 1.4 presents the new five worksheet structure that Julia has settled on.
Each of the colored tabs, a feature available in the Office XP version of Excel,
represents a worksheet. The worksheet displayed, TofC , is the Table of Contents.
Note that the underlined text items in the table are hyperlinks that transfer you to
the various worksheets. Moving the cursor over the link will permit you to click
the link and then automatically transfer you to the specified location. Insertion of a
hyperlink is performed by selecting the icon in the menu bar that is represented by a
globe and three links of a chain (see the Insert menu tab in Exhibit 1.4). When this
Globe icon is selected, a dialog box will ask you where you would like the link to
transfer the cursor, including questions regarding whether the transfer will be to this
or other worksheets, or even other workbooks or files. This worksheet also provides
documentation describing the project in a text box.
In Exhibit 1.5 Julia has created a Brain, which she has playfully entitled Señor
(Mr.) Brain. We can see how data from her earlier spreadsheet (see Exhibit 1.1)
is carefully organized to permit direct and simple referencing by formulas in the
Analysis worksheet. If the client should desire a change to any of the assumed
parameters, the Brain is the place to perform the change. Observing the sensitiv-
ity of the P/L outcomes to these changes is simply a matter of adjusting the relevant
data elements in the Brain, and noting the new outcomes. Thus, Julia is prepared
for the clients what if questions. In later chapters we will refer to this process as
Sensitivity Analysis .
Exhibit 1.4
Improved workbook—table of contents
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