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large then the second event has equal chances of 11, 13, 14, and 15 as outcomes.
Create a simulation that provides a risk profile of outcomes. The simulation
should replicate the experiment a minimum of 300 times.
9. Create a VLOOKUP that:
a. Allows a user to enter a percent (0 to 100%) and returns a categorical value
based on the following data:
b. For the same data above, create a VLOOKUP that returns a categorical value
for a randomly generated %. Hint-Use the RAND() function.
c. Expand the table so that the category A and B is defined as Good ,Cas
OK , and D and E as Terrible . With this new three row table return the new
outcomes ( Good , etc.) for exercise (a) and (b) above.
10. Create a simulation of a simple income statement for the data elements shown
below and produce a risk profile and summary data for profit (average, max,
min, standard deviation, etc.):
a. Revenue Normally distributed mean of $140 k and standard deviation of
$26 k
b. COGS is a % of Revenue with outcomes of 24, 35, and 43%, all equally
c. Variable costs % of Revenue with outcome 35% one half as likely as
outcome 45%
d. Fixed costs $20 k constant.
11. The arrival of email at your home email address can be categorized as
family , junk , and friends . Each has an arrival rate: family—5/day; junk—4/day;
a. Create a simulation that provides you with a profile of total, daily email
arrival. What is the probability that you will receive 0 emails, 3 emails or
less, 15 or more emails, and between 5 and 15 emails. Hint-Use the Poisson
() function and replicate for 100 days.
If you read every email you receive and the time to read the categories is
that shown below, what is the distribution of minutes spent per day reading
i. Family email Normal distribution, mean 5 minutes and standard devia-
tion 2
ii. Junk email Discrete 0.5 minutes 80% and 3 minutes 20%
iii. Friends Continuous Uniform from 3.5 to 6.5 minutes.
12. An advanced problem —Father Guido Aschbach, pastor of Our Lady of
Perpetual Sorrow Church, is planning a weekly (Sunday after mass) charity
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