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Exhibit 9.6
Implementing solver solutions
Finally, make sure you have selected the Max button in Solver Parameters dia-
logue box, since we are maximizing our objective function. The moment of truth
arrives when you receive verification that Solver has produced a feasible solution: a
solution that does not violate the constraints and meets the optimality condition of
the problem. This appears in the Solver Results dialogue box in Exhibit 9.6. It is pos-
sible that your formulation may not have a solution, either because the constraints
you have imposed simply do not permit a solution, or you have made a mistake
in declaring your constraints. In both cases, no combination of feasible decision
variable values can be found that satisfy your constraints.
9.3.5 Solver Reports
There are three reports that can be selected in the Solver Results box: Answer ,
Sensitivity , and Limits . We will focus on the Answer and Sensitivity reports.
Exhibit 9.7 shows the Answer Report . It provides the basic information for the
optimal solution in three output sections:
1) Target Cell (max) section: the optimal value of the objective function (Z)
determined by Solver—$5,480,970.34
2) Adjustable Cells section: the values of the seven decision variables that lead to
the optimal solution— X 1 =
5.3, X 2 =
19.8, etc.
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