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Exhibit 9.10 Answer report for YRA with 2 units project type 3
The new solution, appearing in the Final Value column, is shown next to the old
solution values, in the Original Value column. The inclusion of an Original Value
and a Final Value is a convenient mechanism for comparison. The change from the
previous objective function value, $5,480,970.34, is to a value $25,847.46 lower,
$5,455,122.88. The reduction is very close to $25,848. The new decision variables
selected look familiar, but with a few significant changes:
X 1 =
6.2; X 2 =
17.7; X 3 =
2.0; X 4 =
2.8; X 5 =
16.0; X 6 =
19.0; X 7 =
Elizabeth’s reply to Nick’s first issue is that complying with the customers’
request for selecting 2 units of project type 3 will lead to a $25,848 loss, and the
number of the other projects selected will change slightly. All in all, this is not a
terribly disruptive outcome given the necessity to satisfy important clients.
Now for the remaining questions, consider the action Elizabeth has taken to
re-solve the problem under the new constraint condition. If she is to answer the
question related to the change in revenue, she must be careful with the project type
3 changes imposed on the solution, above. In the case of the small change Nick sug-
gested (2 projects), we can see from comparing the Sensitivity Reports in Exhibits
9.9 and 9.11, pre and post inclusion of project 2, that the Adjustable Cells area is
unchanged (the Constraints area is changed). The reduced costs for both reports are
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