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Exhibit 2.16 Modiļ¬ed expenditure data sorted by Sunday and Thursday
Exhibit 2.17 Number of expenditure types
5) Thursday expenditures (13) are all Personal, Cash, and exactly the same value
($17.67), although there are multiple expenditures on some Thursdays.
6) Friday expenditures (6) are all for Food and paid with Credit Card.
7) Saturday expenditures (5) are Credit Card and a mix of School and Personal.
8) The distribution of the number of expenditure types (Food, Personal, and School)
is not proportional to the dollars spent on each type. (See Exhibits 2.17 and
2.18). Food accounts for fewer numbers of expenditures (37% of total) than
personal, but for a greater percentage (60%) of the total dollar of expenditures.
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