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3.3 Data Analysis Tools
There are a number of approaches to perform data analysis on a data set stored in an
Excel workbook. In the course of data analysis, it is likely that all approaches will
be useful, although some are more accessible than others. Let us take a look at the
three principle approaches available:
1) Excel provides resident add-in utilities that are extremely useful in basic statis-
tical analysis. The Data ribbon contains an Analysis group with about twenty
statistical Data Analysis tools. Exhibit 3.1 shows the location of the Data
Analysis add-in tool and 3.2 shows some of the contents of the Data Analysis
menu. These tools allow the user to perform relatively sophisticated analyses
without having to create the mathematical procedures from basic cell func-
tions; thus, they usually require interaction through a dialogue box as shown in
Exhibit 3.2. Dialogue boxes are the means by which the user makes choices and
provides instructions, such as entering parameter values and specifying ranges
Exhibit 3.1 Data analysis add-in tool
Exhibit 3.2 Data analysis dialogue box
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