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Exhibit 3.3 The insert function
containing data of interest. In Exhibit 3.2 we see a fraction of the analysis tools
available, including Descriptive Statistics , Correlation , etc. You simply select a
tool and click the OK button. More on this process in the next section— Data
Analysis for Two Data Sets.
2) In a more direct approach to analysis, Excel provides dozens of statistical func-
tions through the function utility ( f x Insert Function) in the Formulas ribbon.
Simply choose the Statistical category of functions in the Function Library
group, select the function you desire, and insert the function in a cell. In the
statistical category there are almost one hundred functions that relate to impor-
tant theoretical data distributions and statistical analysis tools. In Exhibit 3.3
you can see that the Financial function category has been selected, NPV (net
present value ) in particular. Once the function is selected, Excel takes you to a
dialogue box for insertion of the NPV data as shown Exhibit 3.4. The dialogue
box requests several inputs—e.g. discount rate ( Rate ) and values (Value1, etc.)
to be discounted to the present. The types of functions that can be inserted vary
from Math & Trig , Date and Time , Statistical , Logical ,toeven Engineering ,
just to name a few. By selecting the f x Insert Function at the far left of the
Function Library group, you can also select specific functions. Exhibit 3.5 shows
the dialogue box where these choices are made from the Or select a category:
pull-down menu. As you become familiar with a function, you need only begin
the process of keying in the function in a cell preceded by an equal sign; thus,
the process of selection is simplified. You can also see from Exhibit 3.6 that by
placing the cursor in cell C4 and typing
NPV( . Then a small box opens that
guides you through the data entry required by the function. The process also
provides error checking to insure that your data entry is correct.
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