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In Depth Information
l A new level appears.
Repeat Steps 4 and 5
to sort by an additional
Click here and select
Custom List.
l The Custom Lists dialog
box appears.
Click to sort by days of
the week or months of
the year.
Click OK to close the
Custom Lists dialog box.
Click OK to close the
Sort dialog box.
The list sorts according to the sort order
specified, along with any options chosen.
Did You Know?
Excel defines different sorts as follows. For numbers,
ascending order goes from the smallest number to
the largest. For text that includes numerals, as in U2
and K12, ascending order places numerals before
symbols and symbols before letters. Case does not
matter unless you click Options in the Sort dialog
box and then click the Case Sensitive check box
Did You Know?
In the Sort dialog box, click Delete Level to delete
a level of sort. Click Copy Level to copy a level of
sort. Click
to move a sort level up. Click
move a sort level down.
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Chapter 4: Manipulate Records
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