Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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l If you select Cell Color,
Font Color, or Cell Icon,
an Order field appears.
Click here and select a
color or icon.
Click here and select
from On Top or On
Click On Top to
send the items that
match the criteria to
the top of the list.
Click On Bottom to
send the items that
match the criteria to
the bottom of the list.
9 Click the Add Level button to add another
level of sort.
Repeat Steps 5 to 8, as necessary.
0 Click OK when you finish.
l Excel sorts your data by font, color, or
Did You Know?
An alternative way to sort by color, font, or icon
is to right-click in any cell that has the color,
font, or icon by which you want to sort. A menu
appears. Click Sort. Another menu appears.
Click to choose from Put Selected Cell Color
on Top, Put Selected Font Color on Top, or Put
Selected Icon on Top.
Did You Know?
By default, Excel sorts from top to bottom. If
you want to sort from left to right, click Options
in the Sort dialog box. The Sort Options dialog
box appears. Click Sort Left to Right.
Chapter 4: Manipulate Records
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