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l The Custom AutoFilter
dialog box appears.
Click here and select an
Type a value or select a
l You can repeat Steps 7
and 8 if you want to
create a second criterion.
Choose And if you want
both criteria to be met.
Choose Or if you want
either criteria to be met.
Click OK.
l The list displays records matching your
Note: To sort the filtered records, click the
Data tab and then click a sort option.
Did You Know?
You can use a filter to view the top or bottom N values in a list, where N stands for the
number of values you want to view. Click the down arrow next to the numeric field you
want to filter. A menu appears. Click Number Filters and then click Top Ten. The Top 10
AutoFilter dialog box appears. Select Top if you want to view the Top N values. Click
Bottom, if you want to view the bottom N values. Type the number of values you want
to view and then select whether you want Excel to return results based on a number or
a percentage. Click OK. Excel returns the results you request.
Chapter 4: Manipulate Records
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