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l The Advanced Filter
dialog box appears.
Click to indicate where
to place the filtered list
( changes to ).
You can click Copy To
Another Location to
copy the list to another
location and retain the
original list.
6 7 8
Click and drag to select
or type the range for
the entire list.
Click and drag to select
or type the range for
the criteria defined in
Step 2.
If you chose to copy the filtered list in
Step 5, click in the first cell for the filter.
Click OK.
l The filtered list appears.
You may need to format the results to
accommodate wide columns.
Did You Know?
A criteria range can have several rows of criteria.
When a row consists of two or more criteria,
Excel looks through your list and returns only the
rows that meet all criteria. If you want Excel to
return records that meet either criteria place the
criteria on separate rows.
Make sure your Copy To range has enough room
below it to include all the values that may return
in the filtered list. If you place the Copy To range
above your original list, the results may overwrite
the list and disrupt the filtering. Placing the copy
to the side of the list or below it protects your
original list.
Chapter 4: Manipulate Records
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