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l The list appears with
the outlining controls
that enable you to
compare the results.
To compare results in
different rows, click the
minus signs (-).
Only the result rows appear.
To redisplay all results, click the plus
signs (+).
All results display.
Did You Know?
You can create several subtotals
for a single sorted list. To display
all your subtotals, make sure the
Replace Current Subtotals check
box is not checked when you use
the Subtotal dialog box.
Did You Know?
You can remove outlining by
clicking the Data tab, and then
in the Outline group, clicking
Ungroup and Clear Outline.
Did You Know?
Remember that you can do a
calculation on a different column
from the one defining the sort. For
example, if you sort by gender in
one column, you can find the
average salary or age for men or
women and place the results in
their respective columns, such as
an income column or age column.
Chapter 4: Manipulate Records
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