Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Right-click the chart
title or an axis title.
A menu appears.
Click Edit Text.
Type to change the title
or axis label.
Click Switch
Row/Column in the
Data group.
l Excel switches the data row and column.
Did You Know?
The Column chart is the default chart type. You
can change the default chart type by clicking the
launcher in the Insert tab’s Chart group to open
the Insert Chart dialog box. Click a chart type and
a subtype, and then click the Set as Default Chart
button located at the bottom of the Insert Chart
dialog box.
Did You Know?
The fastest way to create a chart using all of
Excel’s charting defaults is to select the data you
want to chart and then press F11. Excel creates a
chart on a new worksheet. You can then modify
the chart by using any of the Chart tools.
Chapter 6: Create Charts
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