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In Depth Information
Click a regression type
changes to
Set the number of
periods to forecast.
Click Display R-squared
Value on Chart
( changes to ).
R-squared gives you an
idea of the accuracy of
the line generated. The
closer R-squared is to 1,
the better the fit.
Click Close.
l The trendline appears on the chart.
l If selected, the R-squared value appears
on the chart.
Did You Know?
If you want to project future
values for a simple linear trend,
you can use the fill handle. Select
at least the last two rows in your
data and then drag the fill handle.
Did You Know?
You can project values that fit a
straight-line trend by using the
TREND function. You can project
values that fit an exponential
trend by using the GROWTH
function. See the Excel Help files
for more about these functions.
Did You Know?
You can use the Forecast section
of the Format Trendline dialog
box to forecast future and past
data. To open the Format
Trendline dialog box, click your
chart, the Layout tab, Trendline,
More Trendline Options, and then
Trendline Options.
Chapter 6: Create Charts
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