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Present Worksheets
With Excel, you can adjust almost every aspect
of how your worksheets appear. Such control
results in more than making text bold or
coloring cells blue. Formatting makes your
worksheets easier to read and understand and
thus more useful to others.
you need to change the look and properties
of both cells and numbers. You can adjust
the color, border, and numerous other cell
properties, and you can choose from a variety
of formats for numbers, dates, and times.
With shapes, text boxes, and pictures, Excel
goes even further, giving you the ability to
integrate graphics into your worksheet. It also
supplies prepackaged styles you can apply to
your graphics to give them a distinctive flair.
This chapter provides tips on formatting.
You learn how to format numbers and cells
manually and then how to apply formats
quickly with Format Painter. Format Painter
speeds your work. With Format Painter, in just
a few clicks, you can copy a format from one
cell to other cells.
You can place background images behind your
data to get people’s attention or to enhance
the content itself. You can also take a picture
of your worksheet and use the resulting
graphic in Excel or another software product.
Excel gives you several tools to simplify the
work of formatting. The Home tab and the
Format Cells dialog box provide all the controls
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