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Format quickly with
Excel can save you time when you need to reapply
formats that already exist in your worksheet. The
easiest way to apply a cell’s format to another cell or
to a range of cells is by using the Format Painter. Use
the Format Painter for one-time copying of formats
within a workbook. Use styles, discussed in Task
#s 31 and 32, when you plan to apply common
formats throughout a workbook and across workbooks.
You can find the Format Painter tool on the Home tab
in the Clipboard group. To use it, first click in a cell
with the format you want to copy. Then click the
Format Painter button. Finally, click in a cell or cells
that you want to receive the formatting. You can
apply a format to many cells at the same time. Excel
applies formats instantly. Use the Format Painter to
copy and apply both cell and number formats. If you
make a mistake, you can undo the formats by
pressing Ctrl+Z.
Click and drag to select the cells
with the format you want to
Note: Open multiple windows to
see different parts of the worksheet
at the same time. See Task #96.
Click the Home tab.
Click the Format Painter button.
To apply the format you selected
in Step 1 several times,
doubleclick the Format Painter button.
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